See I am trying to be better about updating though I don't know who reads this. Mom and Val are coming to see me tonight and go shopping. Though after the little shopping orgy I had at Express yesterday maybe I shouldn't buy much! Really I didn't get a lot. I had a $38 credit on my account for returning something so I really just spent $50. I got 2 tank tops, one says "Young, willing and able", the other "Once is Never enough" those will get me in trouble probably! I also got two sweaters, a pink deep v-neck silk sweater which I am wearing today (with a white tank under it since I am at work), and a pink 3/4 sleeve cashmere cardigan, and a black flippy skirt with white polkadots. I don't know why I bought stuff since I am feeling so fat these days, which I am getting. I have been eating like a pig for two weeks straight. Next week it is back on the diet and on the treadmill. Though I won't eat much this weekend. With all the shopping and walking around.

So my plan is to get back on the treadmill with my new ipod and run my very large butt off over the next couple of months. But I am going to go back to run walk intervals as a way to increase my speed because it was just getting too frustrating doing it the other way. so Monday running at 6.5 mph until tired, then walk to recover, repeat for 30 minutes! I hope that works! I just want to get to back to liking it again.

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