I am bad!

Yesterday I did a very bad thing. And for once it wasn't pigging out on Easter candy! I bought this. That was really bad of me! It is supposed to be my reward for getting a raise, but I don't even know what my raise is. But that little camera cost me a heck of a lot of money! But it is really cute and I am going to use it when I go to Montreal next week. But I think I need to get an extra memory card for it because I can't take a lot of high quality pictures with it. I ordered it from Circuit City because I got a $75 merchandise card with it. Which I can use to buy the $80 256MB memory card that will allow me to store a TON of pictures. I will try to test it out this weekend and post a picture or two on here.

My weekend is going to be pretty busy. Getting ready for my trip, cleaning up around my apartment, playing with my new camera, trying to forget that I don't get to see Michael! Hopefully Margo and I can get together and see a movie and have some lunch. OH I could use my camera then too!

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