Why do I love . . .

This purse in hot pink? It haunts my every waking moment! Someone please save me from it before I give in and spend $335 on a pink purse! I need to find a cheaper substitute. A much cheaper one.

I think I have been watching too much Sex and the City and it is making me want buy lots of new shoes, as if that wasn't a big temptation already, and purses! Luckily it doesn't make me want to date! They make dating look like hell. Michael should be happy about that though!

Silly boy didn't come see me this weekend. So I spent it cleaning my apartment, spending far too much money at Target, watching far too much Sex and the City and doing some relaxing. Margo came over and we watched a really odd movie called Pumpkin. Which I found really disturbing and didn't like at all. In other friend news my friend Jenn is finally home for a little bit so I am going over to see her tomorrow to catch up. Honestly it has been far too long since I saw her. Michael is supposed to come down this weekend, and we will finally go to Six Flags. But probably just for the afternoon. That is the beauty of the season passes, you can sleep in and still feel like you get your money's worth.

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