Moved In

The move is officially complete. I have even turned in the keys for my old place. I guess I am glad to have that done with. There are a few good things going on because of the move though. I went out running yesterday morning at 7 am and today at 5 with my Garmin Forerunner 201. And it was actually quite fun. It went better today than yesterday so hopefully I will be able to stick with running outside while I live here. Not like I have much of a choice if I want to run I guess.

The movers did a really good job, other than showing up really late on Friday, 6 pm. They didn't leave my new place until after 11pm. We were so tired by the time that they left. But we managed to get just about everything unpacked by the time that Mom and Dad left on Sunday.

On Monday, since it was a rainy yucky Memorial Day I decided to go see a movie. I went to see Raising Helen, which was pretty decent as rainy day entertainment. I can't complain. Okay I should go change some addresses and get started on some work!

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