I ran (ok jogged) ONE MILE, OUTSIDE without a walking break today!! That is a first and I am very proud of myself. My time wasn't great for a real running person, but faster than I have done a mile on the treadmill, 10:42! I am making progress! And I am really proud because as I was leaving the apartment this morning I was thinking "99% of me wants to stay in today, 1% of me wants to run, how strange that I let 1% of me tell the rest of me what to do!" But I am very glad that I did! VERY VERY GLAD!!!

I got compliments on my new black dress! It has a problem in the city when it is windy, it likes to display my butt to strangers! Bad dress! Bad Bad dress! I had to hold it down the entire time we were walking to the movies on Saturday. We went to see Shreck 2. It was very cute, especially Puss! It made me really want a kitty!! And that was pretty much the only exciting thing we did all weekend. We spent 5 hours on Saturday cleaning Mike's apartment. Including finding a STINKY DEAD MOUSE under the fridge. Yup I screeched and jumped up on the futon. Mike couldn't understand why I was freaking out, he thought the mouse was a big dust bunny. Then he used some old grilling tongs to pick it up and put it in the trash, we threw those out too!

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