That sucked!

Well that race was pretty depressing huh? I didn't really expect him to win but I was hoping. I didn't end up going shopping this weekend. I was just feeling too poor and it was kind of depressing outside, no sun, random sprinkles. I didn't really want to go out it in. So I sat on Mike's couch all day. I didn't even get to watch those last few episodes of SATC because they were no longer on his HBO On Demand. Not really a good weekend.

Hopefully this week will go better than the weekend. I went for a run this morning and it was pretty good for me. I ran 0.75 miles straight outside which is a record for me. I can definitely see myself pretty quickly working up to over a mile of straight running outside. This is where that GPS thing comes in handy because I know how much to push myself, without having to run the exact same route every day. It was a little cold this morning though.

This coming weekend Mike is going to AC with some friends so I am debating if I want to go home to see my parents or stay here. I should probably stay here and work on my job search. I could even go to the movies and see Stepford Wives. We shall see.

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