What are you supposed to say when some total stranger, some weird, likely crazy man on the street makes a rude noise when you walk by and says "nice legs"? Does he expect you to gush "Thank you so much! I never knew! Would you like to have sex with me now?" What is the point of making the comment in the first place other than to make the woman feel uncomfortable and like an object not a person? My standard policy is to just ignore it (though at times that has pissed the guy off as he followed me with his truck until I went down a one way street that he couldn't). But why do these people have the right to interfere in my day like that? I was just walking to Old Navy to do a little shopping. I know my legs are better than they were two years ago, but I didn't do it for him. I run for me. I watch what I eat for me. It is my health (mental and physical) that are the driving force behind it.

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