Freak out

Last night I had a little freak out because my roommate's bird got out of his cage after she had left for work. I didn't know how to get him back in, and I didn't want to get close enough to him to let him bite me. But I didn't want to just let him run lose. One because I didn't want to clean up his poop! And two because he might hurt himself or something else and I wouldn't know how to deal with that! Luckily I opened the big cage door, got a piece of doweling that I had laying around to hold open windows and talked/herded him back in and he went in pretty easily! I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't!

How weird is it that I am so happy and relieved that dooce is home and feeling better? And that I was worried about her? I don't even know this woman. But you get kind of attached to the people who write blogs that you like to read, and her blog is one of my absolute favorites!

It was tough not to run out and buy a new computer last night but I managed not too. I spent most of any free time I had at work yesterday looking up information on new computers on the internet since I can't do that at home. I have made an appaling discovery. There are far too many choices out there! This computer problem has made me realize that I probably really do need a new computer, that one is quite old, and starting to feel really slow. And I would like to be able to keep my more personal stuff on there instead of at work, like all my pictures and music. That computer can't handle any of that. It has like a 6 GB hard drive! But I am afraid that to get the computer I really want from someplace like HP or Dell I might have to spend a bit more than I thought I wanted to. But I suppose with 0% interest for 12 months I can afford it. As of December my credit card debt will be all gone so the $250 - $300 a month I have been putting towards that could help me pay off a new computer much faster. Tonight I am going to go over to Circuit City and just test drive some. See how they feel and look. Mom will be here Friday with disks from Dad and if that fixes the old one I might be able to make it until the holidays before I buy a new one. Maybe there will be good deals then?

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