I'm a material girl

Just to prove what a materialistic bitch I am here is a list of what I got for Christmas. Basically in the order I was given them. **some small things have been omitted due to my inability to remember EVERYTHING**
Sara - Target giftcard
Margo - personal humidifier, eye pillow, trinket box
Mike - cool running pants, ring, perfume, Muppet Christmas Carol
Mike's Family - sweater, lotion, oil burner, cookbook, gloves, necklace
Mom - movies, pilates DVDs, jewelry, KitchenAid food processor
Dad - Dick's giftcard to buy running pants, USB hub
Val - foot care set, socks, hair things, lots of travel type things
Becky White - iPod Mini pink case
Becky VanPatten - Italian Charm bracelet with 3 charms (M, July birthstone, "Live, Laugh, Love")

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