I am in CA!!

I am out in CA. I have internet at the hotel but tomorrow my stuff is finally getting delivered to my apartment. Sorry OUR apartment. We are having a hard time choosing an ISP because Comcast doesn't provide high speed internet to our new address. Very upsetting. Right now it looks like our choices are satellite TV with internet for about $150 a month or cable probably $50 a month and a phone with DSL maybe $60. I don't know which I would rather have. I don't really want either of those. My point is, I am not sure when I will have internet service again because I am not sure what service we are going to have.

Otherwise things are okay. The apartment is beautiful. I am just tired of calling to change addresses, opening new accounts, filling out forms, finding new stores, resturants and driving from the hotel to the empty apartment. I am just looking forward to being able to cook at home again, sleep in my own bed, have all my clothes around me, everything unpacked . . . I am tired, very tired. Though I am looking forward to starting work and to having Mom come out in a week. I think I need to go to bed, the movers are coming really early in the morning. Oh and from now on, posts will be posted in west coast time.

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