We got the apartment!

On Thursday we found out we got the apartment we wanted. And my stuff got picked up by the movers. Problem is now I have no idea where my stuff is or when it is going to get to my new place. So I am sitting in NY at the parents house, in a bit of limbo about when I am actually going out to CA, and when I will finally see my stuff again. Hopefully before I start work!

The past couple of days have been pretty busy. I have been helping Mom clean some places to make up for the work that she missed by coming down to hang out with me and the movers. Which at least helped pass the time and has given me some quality time with her. Hopefully tomorrow and Monday I can finally get some old pictures up on this page. Including some my Dad gave me today that he had scanned of my grandparents when they were younger. I love computers. But I am tired and it is time I get to bed.

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