The Aristocrats

Mike's brother (Dan) told him about this movie that he went to see that was so funny that he and his friend Natasha (the two we went to see Interpol with in March) almost peed their pants. So Friday night we went to see The Aristocrats. Now I will admit that I laughed a couple of times, and smiled a few more, but honestly I was miles away from peeing my pants. I can see why Mike and Dan would be amused, they have always been really big on potty humor.

Other than that a pretty tame weekend, I don't think I even left the apartment yesterday. Other than to go out on the deck and work on stripping the paint off a shelf my Dad built before him and Mom got married. It is taking me forever but I can finally see the wood in some places. Once I started using the after strip wash stuff it started to look a lot better.

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