First Lesson

Tonight I have my first riding lesson at DeVito Equestrian Center. I am so excited I can hardly sit still. I can't believe I have to wait all day! I hope I really like the instructor and the horses. Next Thursday I am supposed to start a group (three women including me) weekly lesson if it all works out well. I can't wait. I have missed riding so much! Now I just want to shop for riding stuff. Maybe a new helmet, another pair of breeches, a couple of Ariat shirts, maybe full chaps . . . What is it with me and shopping?

For some reason I have also decided that I am dying to get a new digital camera. Which doesn't mean I don't love my current one, because I do love it. I have only had it since April of last year, I should be bored with it already! But it's not that I am bored, and I am sure if I got the new one I want I would still use my current one a lot too. But I really want a digital SLR, like the Canon Digital Rebel. I think I want photography to become a new hobby for me. Another expensive hobby. I would love to take a photography class, maybe even a class on how to use photoshop on your pictures. I guess I should start saving my money huh?

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