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Vegas was pretty good. The thing I disliked the most about vegas was all the smoke. My sinuses are still reeling today from all the crap I was breathing in. Not good. I hope I will be feeling better by tomorrow.

Las Vegas

NY NY at night.

Me and Mike with the dragon at the Excalibur.

One of the lions at the MGM Grand.

NY NY during the day.


Dan, Mike and Me at the Tournament of Kings

The view from the top of the stratosphere - full sized.

Hoover Dam

Dan, Mike's Parents, Mike and Me at the Hoover Dam

Panaromic Hoover Dam View - full sized

Arizona Desert and The Grand Canyon

Panoramic Arizona Desert - full sized

Mike and me in the desert

The Hummer we rode in

Entrance to the reservation

Me and Mike at the Grand Canyon.

Dan, Mike's Parents, me and Mike at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Mike doing his sexy magazine layout pose.

Me getting eaten by the lion rock.

Mike trying to push a big rock over the edge

Panoramic Grand Canyon - full sized

Panoramic Grand Canyon - full sized

Las Vegas

The Venetian.

The canal at the Venetian

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