Alone even more

Mike is going to be going to some type of water survival training tomorrow morning for work. I am not excited about the idea of being home alone Thursday night, Friday, and most of the day Saturday. Especially when he will be going to his PE review class on Sunday all day. Being a wife with a husband you can't spend time with sucks. Last night he was studying for his PE and I missed him so I took my wedding Thank You note writing supplies into the second bedroom so I could at least be around him. And he kicked me out after 10 minutes because my pen was too loud!!

All this alone time does mean I am finally catching up on some stuff, like organizing my desk at home. Lots of fun. But I also have time for fun stuff like the lastest Sims 2 Expansion Pack and playing around with how I want to make different pages for a coffee table type wedding album.

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