MMM! S'mores are yummy! We had a good time last night. Though Mike once again proved he has no patience and I had to toast his marshmallows for him! Silly boy, it takes TIME to cook them properly!

As I have been trying to focus a little more on being healthy the past few weeks I have been checking out some things that I used to love last time I went through a phase like this. One of which was the software I use on my Palm (which is really OLD) to keep track of what I eat and how much I exercise. I love that program, and I have put a lot of time into adding foods to the database in it that I like to eat but weren't in there. Well it turns out that the company who made that program is gone, dissolved. I was really hoping there was a newer version that I would be able to use when I finally get around to buying myself a smartphone! BOO!! Now I am going to have to find something else and add all those foods to it AGAIN or just keep using my sad old palm for the rest of my life!

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