This Week

Reasons this has been a bad week:
-Getting my IQ back with big corrections (that I should have known, that always makes me feel dumb)
-Don't love my shootsac as much as I thought (this is just based on looks though, I haven't actually used it yet, maybe that will change my mind?)
-Left really early for work Tuesday to witness a pressure test, it wasn't ready when I got there.
-Mike is leaving on Saturday for a week away for work
-Over-marinated shrimp for dinner Monday (why did we think they would need overnight?)
-Didn't get my t-shirt at the ho-ho yesterday (they wanted to wait until after a bunch of speeches to hand them out, and they didn't start those until 4:30!)

Reasons this has been a good week:
-I love lists!
-My work window to inspect some piping yesterday (by taking down lights) went really well (and got done really early)
-My run was really good today (ie I feel energized now not lethargic)
-Riding lesson!!!!
-I picked up my camera again, and enjoyed it.
-I scored this hilarious picture of Elvis:

More pictures to come after I have some time to post-process them.

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