Working Out

Several weeks ago I decided that I really needed to get more consistent with working out and with getting in the mixture of exercise options that I know make me feel the best about myself (ie running, heavy weight lifting, yoga & pilates) and not just trying to burn a bunch of calories on the elliptical just for the sake of burning calories.

I am finally starting to feel the difference. I can definitely see an improvement in my running (I have nearly doubled the distance I can run without needing to walk already) and in my stamina in other things (riding for example) from increasing my cardiovascular endurance. I feel myself getting stronger and my muscles getting firmer and more defined from the heavy weights. The yoga and pilates are both helping with flexibility and muscle control, they make me feel more coordinated, less like a gnagly giraffe.

It's nice to know I am finally to a point in my life where working out is not just about being skinny or looking good, but is more about how it makes me feel. That seems healthier too doesn't it?

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