Back in the Saddle

I finally had a riding lesson again last night. It's been a month with Dagi going home to Germany, and then my changeover work schedule. It was so nice to get to ride again, and I have to say I did a really good job. I held on to the work we did last time about being patient and collected and calm and that really seemed to work. And that was great timing too since Pickles is gone, back to his original owner and guess who I got to ride last night? Elvis! We know how little I trust him since he threw me off in October and how nervous and distracted he can be. I think my being calm, and collected really helped keep him calm, which in turn kept me calm. As did knowing that Dagi has been working with him some. There was only a little jumping, but that is okay. We worked on lead changes again and they went really smoothly. Hopefully we will be ready soon to put some small courses together at the canter!

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