Upcoming photo ops?

So what are these two things that I am so excited that I will have my new fancy L lens for over the next couple of weeks (the lens should arrive next Tuesday!!)?

Well the first is my birthday gift from my wonderful husband, I seem to have trained him VERY well in the gift giving department over the past 14 years or so, (hopefully my skills have improved as well because my first christmas gift to him really sucked, sorry about that baby!). On my actual birthday I got a card with a picture in it of my actual gift. A hot air balloon ride over Calistoga!! I can't wait! I have been wanting to go on one of those for a long time, and hopefully I will get some amazing pictures.

And the second is a trip I am taking to Boston the beginning of August. Every two years we get to go to a professional development seminar/class/conference for work. It is finally my turn to get to go and I picked a hands-on fermentation summer class offered at MIT. Wednesday night during that week we get to go on a Boston Duck tour, that should be fun! And I am hoping to stay an extra day in Boston so I can at least walk the Freedom Trail and get some picture of all those historical sites, you know how much I love history!!

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