Worst Birthday?

Yesterday was possibly the worst birthday I can remember. Not only was I at work for nearly 12 hours, and really busy, I was physically miserable. My throat was KILLING me, so much so that I stopped eating after my morning snack because I couldn't handle the idea of swallowing anything anymore. I spent half of the drive home crying because I was so miserable (hungry, tired, coughing, aching throat) and sad that I didn't feel like I got to enjoy my birthday at all. Then my family and friends starting calling to wish me a happy birthday, which means a lot to me, but I just wasn't up to talking with anyone. I went to bed at 8:30! Hopefully turning 30 will go better than turning 29 did. At least I got to go home to a cute husband, with a nice card for me, details on my birthday gift, and a dinner of scrambled eggs with cheese, a glass of milk and ice cream.

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