Got me thinking

Becky's post about her upcoming 30th birthday and birthday resolutions got me thinking. My 30th birthday is a little less than 8 months away (ouch!) and I have some goals I would like to hit before I turn 30 so I enter my 30s on the best note I can. What are these goals??? Well first I would like to get back down to a weight were I am happy, which is usually between 135 and 145 lbs for me (I am not telling you how far I have to go to get there). So goal #1 Lose Weight. Goal #2 be able to run 3 or more miles in under 30 minutes! Right now I am at 2.5 miles in 30 minutes and not all of it is running. I need to think some more and see if I have any other goals to add. I should put a thing in my sidebar tracking how I am doing huh? I did make some baby steps towards these goals today, I ran this morning and I passed up the box of free donuts at the car dealership when I dropped the car off!! And I LOVE donuts.

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