Cross Country Trip Day 3

Sunday morning we headed out to find a donut place recommended to us by some friends, Voodoo Doughnuts. It took us a while to find them, and then we had to stand in line for a bit, but they were delicious (just thinking about them now makes me want a donut!).

After that we headed over to the Portland Rose Garden. It was already really starting to heat up outside so we didn't stay as long as we would have if it was cooler. But it was a goregous huge garden full of roses. I should have written down the names of some of the varities because I would love to try to grow some of them when we have a house, they were just stunning!

Me in the rose garden

Mike in the rose garden





After that we really wanted to get out of the sun, and knowing my love of older homes Mike suggested we go see the Pittock Mansion, which was just up the hill from the rose garden. It was a beautiful house, and thankfully air conditioned!





After we saw the mansion it was time to hit the road out of Oregon and head towards Idaho. We made it as far as Boise that night.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I used to visit that garden when I was a kid. We have some distant family that lives in Oregon. And I see you found me on Flickr. : )


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