Our first day of house shopping

Last night we met our realtor at 6 pm to go look at a couple of houses.

The first one was a foreclosure, it was beat up! The carpet was nasty, the house was dirty, switchplate covers and shower doors were missing. It was fairly cheap but they would have needed to drop at least another 30K to make up for all the work that needed to be done.

The second was another foreclosure, but it was in better shape. I wasn't a fan of the laminate floors and the kitchen needed some work, the deal breaker was the power lines that literally ran across the back yard, as in if you stood in the yard and looked up, they were right over your head. Again, price wasn't low enough to make up for that!

The third house was one we didn't want to see, our agent is the selling agent on it, and he has been talking about it since the first day we met him. It is lacking a LOT in terms of curb appeal. Of course compared to the other two it was very nice (was that his plan all along?), but that doesn't change its location, and bad front door placement. It was a short-sale and he kept letting us know that if we wanted it we needed to move on it asap, umm we never said we wanted it! It was okay on the inside, but it was only the third house we have ever seen!?!? You really think we are going to put an offer in on that?

I can't decide if I want to keep looking with this agent or find someone else. That whole night just feels sneaky to me, like he was really trying to get us to make an offer on a house I said I don't want!

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~Jess said...

Here from the nest: If it doesn't feel right, then it isn't. We live in a small town and looked at 3 or 4 houses. We made an offer on one and were within $1000 on agreeing about a price. They wouldn't budge and we wouldn't budge.

A friend of ours called us a couple of days later and said there was another house...we should look at it. We figured what the heck, it'll confirm our decision to agree on the other house or it won't. We looked at the house and LOVED it! It had everything we wanted and was in relatively good shape. We put an offer in and agreed on a price then and there.

A year after we closed there was a big flood (most of downtown's first floors under water). We drove past the house we had originally offered on...the neighbors car was embedded in their living room. The river had come right up behind the house and destroyed most of the first floor. The house we did buy...completely dry and no problems.

We knew that we had made the right decision.

I definitely think your agent is a little pushy and was trying to be a bit sneaky in regards to what order he showed the house. Good luck! Don't settle on something, because you'll probably regret it.



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