Which one to pick?

After the poor performance of the first agent we worked with I am a little gun-shy when it comes to choosing agent number 2. Both ladies we met with were very nice.

One has sent me one email since we met, with a bunch of listings that while a few were overpriced (and we didn't tell her a max as we haven't totally settled on that yet, we really need to sit down with Quicken now that we are here in PA and can see how much the cost of living really is) the houses were otherwise really what we wanted. Pre WWII, historic charm. Some of them were in towns that are probably too far to drive to my job from but it is nice to see them anyway.

The other agent has sent us several sets of listings (probably just put in an auto-email on a search) and has called me at least 3 times since we met with her last Monday. The listings she has sent have not been as . . . well specific to our wants as the other agents. They include things I flat out said I didn't want (split levels, split entries). I just feel like she is a little pushy, and that is good when she is selling something for you, but we need a patient agent, I just don't know if she is.

Mike of course doesn't care, though he seems to like the second woman better (he hasn't been fielding the many calls and emails though). I don't know how to decide.

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