Remodeling Weekend 1

I wonder how many weekends of remodeling I am going to recount on this blog? Hundreds probably. This weekend was a good one, we had a lot of help (my parents and my sister Friday through Sunday and Mike's parents on Sunday) along with a lot of days (Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening). Which means we got a lot done.

All the wallpaper removed in the living room (except behind the radiators)

New deadbolts added to all the doors, and all keyed to match

Two layers of wallpaper removed from the breakfast nook, but there is one more tough one to go

And wallpaper removed from the kitchen (you can see the tough stuff in the back hall here)

We also got a lot of the wallpaper down in the entry way, I didn't take a picture of that last night, we were too tired. I also got the wallpaper all down in the upstairs bath and we got 75% down in the powder room. I now hate wallpaper, and my arms, back, neck and calves are all killing me. There is still a lot to do, but we never would have made it this far without all the help we got from our families.

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