Remodeling Weekend 2

It's amazing how much less work you get done when you only have two people working on it for two days instead of 2 people for 1 day, 5 people for 2 days and 7 people for 1 day. Plus we left the hardest stuff for this weekend of course. Oh and it doesn't help when you don't get over there until 1-2pm most days because of trips to Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, the paint store, Wegman's etc.

All that aside we did make some progress, our evenings this weekend got all the wallpaper down in the entry that we can reach, so Saturday evening I washed all the glue off the walls, that took hours! Before that on Saturday we went to the Bethlehem Compost Center (love that our town gives us free compost and mulch!) and got some compost for the vegetable garden, then we went to the house and planted the cherry tomato plants. While Mike was at band practice Saturday night I worked on getting down the horrible wallpaper in the breakfast nook.

Sunday was much the same, we went to Lowe's and picked up some more vegetables so our garden is getting fuller (speaking of which did you know if you start asparagus from seed you don't get any to eat for at least 2 years?) we picked up orange and green bell peppers, full sized tomatoes, zucchini, sweet corn and hot banana peppers. Mike worked on wallpaper removal in the breakfast nook while I removed the last of the wallpaper in the powder room. Then Mike put a new plate on the front door to cover up the mess that is previous owner's work on it, while I took down wallpaper in the breakfast nook.

Luckily we are just a week or two away from the best phase of home remodeling, watching other people work on your house for you. We spent a good part of the weekend reviewing quotes and trying to choose where to spend out money to get the best value. I will try to take the camera over tonight and record our progress.

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