Remodeling Weekend 3

Again I am behind with pictures, but my camera isn't going back over to the house until we are done spray painting.

Washed all the radiators
Demo'd the bookshelves in the office
Pulled up office carpet
Cut grass, swept front walk and sidewalk
Spray painted two radiators white

Pulled up upstairs carpet
Pulled up carpet on stairs and started to pull up carpet tack strips
Painted two more radiators
Moved tools and small furniture down to basement
Removed all wallpaper in the back hall (the breakfast nook is still a mess)

I am pooped. The painters are coming tomorrow at 8 am to get started. I thought that would mean less work for us, but we still have so much to do before they can finish all their work that we will still be really busy this week (8 more radiators to paint, the rest of the furniture to move, pull up all the carpet and tacks, clean the pipes in the powder room and take down the rest of the paper in the nook). I think I might just go to bed and never get back up.

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