New Couches

Our new couches are here!!! Yeah!!! I love my simone daybed, and so do the kitties, they spent the entire evening after they were delivered hanging out on it with me.




Tracy said...

Michele! I found your photos of your Axis and Simone by searching online, so happy I found real, true life photos, thank you! I'm hoping you can share the names of the colors you have in them with me. I want a grey Axis, and yours looks to be a custom C&B color since it doesn't look like any of the stock colors, no? Truly appreciate you sharing - will help me tons! :)

Michele said...

Tracy, the colors we went with were:
Axis couch - Fabric: View - Color: Charcoal
Simone Daybed - Fabric: View - Color: gray

They were at the time normal fabrics for the axis line. We ordered them in August when C&B has their annual Custom Upholstery sale and that saved us 20%, so that is worth waiting for if you can!


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