2010 Goals

The older I get the more I focus on celebrating dates that are specific to myself and those close to me (wedding anniversary > Valentine's day for example). To me my birthday is a better time to reflect and assess than new years but what the heck why not make some goals anyway.

-Use my longwood season pass to shoot a lot more macros
-Use my awesome new tripod to start shooting waterfalls
-Autofocus micro-adjust all my lenses with the LensAlign
-Use the video mode on the 5DM2, and do something with them
-Finish scanning and editing the slides from our 1987 trip
-Do something with the XT instead of letting it sit around collecting dust
-Get in front of the camera more
-Write more photography tips posts for this blog
-Look for macro subjects all year long, not just in the spring

-Get back into running, especially outside, log at least 100 miles
-No more sodas at lunch at work (too much caffeine)
-Try out the yoga and pilates classes at my gym
-Continue trying out new recipes, aim for mostly healthy ones

-Organize the attic
-Purge stuff we no longer use
-Get more into gardening and landscaping
-Buy rugs
-Office furniture
-Paint both spare bedrooms
-Try sprucing up used furniture

-Make some friends near home to hang out with outside of work
-Spend time with Rebecca before she leaves the USA
-Plan (and take) a trip to England and Scotland
-Visit family more often

That seems like enough of a list, I can always add more as the year goes on right? Wish me luck, that is a LONG list.

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