House Bound in the Snow

We had another snow day from work yesterday (and a 2 hour delay today). I used the bonus of being home for a day to take pictures of some of the changes around the house that are complete or in progress.

Our mess of an office started the day like this, and ended with hardly anything in it. We are headed down to Ikea tomorrow to buy all new office furniture. I can't wait to finally be able to put everything in the office away.

Our new living room rug, Chrysanthemum--large By Amy Butler.

Recently painted guest bedroom to be, BM Clinton Brown. We used their new Aura paint for the first time, it was pricey but I loved it.

New bedroom rug, I can't remember where Michael ordered this one from but this is the one I have always imagined in this room. It's perfect!

And while I was in the bedroom with the camera. This was one of my Christmas gifts from Michael, from RedEnvelope.


Switzella said...

Hi Michele,

I thought I'd stop lurking and say a quick hello! I absolutely adore how your house is looking, your kitties and your photography tips... I'm looking forward to see your office before and after!

Leah said...

love the decor and i had no idea amy butler has rugs!!! love that woman! all i ever paint with is BM Aura and it is truly a beautiful thing. ;-) in fact, the color you painted your guest room was an option for our dining room, but i went with middlebury brown (i *think* that's what it's called -- its been awhile) instead. beautifully done!


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