Office Nearly Complete Reveal

There is a bit more to do to the office, things to hang on the walls, small accessories to get, and potentially one more piece of furniture to buy for that big blank wall but it is so much better now than it was two weeks ago. Let's go all the way back to last year and see how far we have come:

When we first viewed the house:

After the built-ins were removed, the carpet pulled up and new hardwood installed:

Painted, floors finished and moved in (but not really unpacked):

Unpacked and a little decorated, including the new roman shades:

And just before I emptied it out to replace all the furniture, the only things staying were the rug, shades and light fixture (oh and wall color because I love that).

And today:



If you know anything about the BESTA series from Ikea you might know that the white framed glass doors only come in clear, and you might notice that mine are frosted. How did we do that? Window film. This Gila film from Lowe's. It was a wet business, and there might have been some arguing (more than about the ikea furniture actually), but I really love how it turned out. And one $20 roll did both doors and I have some left over!

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