Day 3: Philae Temple and Aswan Dam

The sleeper train delivered us to Aswan where we checked into our new hotel, it wasn't nearly as nice as the first hotel so there are no pictures. After a quick nap and a much needed shower we headed off for our two stops of the day.

First up the Temple of Philae which was moved from one island to another before the dam was built to save it from the rising water.

Hamdi again telling us about the temple








The temple is on a island so we had to take a boat out and back to see it. There were tons of other rocks/islands sticking up out of the river.

Next stop was the Aswan Dam.

It wasn't a very exciting dam.

Our tour group minus one, and Hamdi who was taking the photo.

On to day 4.


Amanda said...

Michele- Thank you so much for sharing all of these pictures and info. I've always wanted to see Egypt so I'm finding it very fascinating. I noticed in many of your pictures that you're wearing longer skirts/pants and long sleeved shirts. Was this recommended by your guide or just personal preference? What were the temperatures like while you were there?

Just wondering!

Michele said...

It was recommended by our tour company to at least be covered to your knees and to cover your shoulders to show respect to the more conservative nature of the country. Being tall it can be hard for me to find truly knee length skirts/dresses so I went longer. Most tourists actually dressed very conservatively, the ones who wore tank tops and short shorts really stood out.

I had a second reason as well, it did a really good job of protecting me from the sun. I didn't get sunburned at all and I only put on sunblock once a day in the morning.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the response! :)

SusanB said...

I'm just catching up, but the shot through the doorway? Ah-maaaaaazzzzzinnnng! I love it. :)


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