Current Decorating Status

I realized on Monday that it was time I take a new set of photos of the house, it was clean, there was tons of natural light, I now have a tripod and Mike had gone into work for a few hours. I also realized that the last time I really did this, was shortly after we moved in last year and there were still boxes all over. Now I have shown pictures here and there of major changes but not a real full tour. There is clearly a ton left to do to the house, but we have made some major progress in our first year here.

The office, you have seen this fairly recently, but not accessorized. There isn't a lot left to do here, I want to make a cushion for under the window, and hang some things on the wall you can see across from the tall cabinets.


The living room, we need a new ottoman, to hang things on the wall, new chairs by the front window (and a table between them) I want built in book cases and a bench on the back wall, I am still undecided about getting a sofa table for behind the couch.

Entry, need a console table for in here, maybe a chair, a mirror and big photos to go up the staircase (I know how I am going to do that, I just don't know what to print yet).


Dining room, I want to move the buffet to the kitchen wall, we need a rug, and I have big plans for a plate display above the buffet, I am still working on collecting plates for it though.


The kitchen, which needs a ton of work, new backsplash, new light, new countertop (yes it is nice silestone but I hate the colors), painted cabinets, new rug, maybe a new island or paint that too. It's really functional just totally not our style.

Breakfast nook, I can't decide if I want to replace this light, it is original to the house, the only original one left, we still need to get benches and a table built.

Half bath, I am thinking of painting stripes in there? Vertical or horizontal is the question. Mike wants vertical, I want horizontal.

Upstairs hall, this needs a new light and some more stuff on the walls, and the banister refinished.

The closet room, this one pretty much needs everything, it will probably be last on the list though.

The pink guest bedroom, this is next on the list for paint, it also needs a new light, furniture etc.

The brown guest bedroom, this room has been painted (it used to be yellow), now it needs a new light, rug, furniture etc.


Our bedroom, this room is coming together, we just need furniture and stuff hung up on the walls. This weekend we just put up the new light, which we both love!

Finally the upstairs full bath, I hate the floor tile in here and I plan to replace it eventually, and it is time for a new shower curtain (I like to replace them fairly often) but otherwise done!


Katie said...

I vote for horizontal stripes in the bathroom - check out this for some inspiration:

Amy F.W. said...

I'll go w/ horizontal, too, since the room is already so skinny in proportion, to actually play the height up *more* with vertical stripes might feel a bit too much. That, and you are my friend. =D

MAN, you guys have a PHAT house. I'll be coming up to stay with you guys in the brown guest room, please! =D

janineb said...

if wellsy is in the brown room, I will take the pink room, even if its not painted yet ;p.
seriously gorgeous house ML!

Michele said...

Katie that was my inspiration actually! If only I could get Mike to agree.

I was also thinking with such a small but tall room that vertical stripes would be too much. Maybe I need to Photoshop something up for him to see.

Amy and Janine you are both welcome anytime! (You too Katie)!

Anonymous said...

Wow everything looks great! I love how your office turned out. I know there is lots of stuff you want to do but what you have now is pretty nice already. Our fixer-upper needs a lot more work than yours does!

I agree horizontal stripes would be the best in that small of a bathroom.

LC said...

I'm drooling, you live in my dream house.

Amanda said...

What a great house...I love what you have done so far & can't wait to see the rest :)

Michele said...

Amanda I am waiting for more photos of your new house!

Thanks for the house compliments! We love it, though it is a bit of work!

Barbara said...

Michele, Your house is awesome. I love a house with lots of colors. Every room in my house is a different color, but we still have a lot more to do. Your house is gorgeous. What color is your office? That's the color I am thinking of for my bedroom.

Michele said...

Barbara - the office is Excalibur Gray by Sherwin Williams matched in BM matte paint. It's a really pretty purple gray.

Faren said...

I love your house! It is beautiful.

Tamara said...

What a gorgeous home! I am in love with all the colors. What a home to be proud of, even with all the work you say it needs!

Leah said...

your house is ridiculously gorgeous! *love* it!

Christina said...

Your house is gorgeous! I love your blog and am reading your photography tutorials! Thank you!


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