10 on Tuesday 11.09.10

1. I try hard to not be too negative on here, but I hate my job.

2. Great Migrations is visually stunning. But all I can think of is 30Rock while watching it.

3. The kitties are not dealing well with the shift in time, they cry all the time and wonder why we feed them an hour later.

4. I really hope we can talk my family into coming to our house for Christmas. I would love to have Christmas at this house at least one time. I think it would be fun!

5. My obsession with photography has made me very critical of television photography. There is one show that I watch on HGTV that is so oversharpened I can barely watch it anymore.

6. We are trying to plan a nice vacation for our fifth anniversary in February. It is hard to pick a resort in St Lucia! February is an expensive time to go. I should just get over it though, we will only have one fifth anniversary right?

7. I am almost caught up with our blurb book! I am only a couple of weeks behind now!

8. I really need to get started on my holiday shopping. Am I the only one who hasn't started at all yet? Though I am working on my card design.

9. Ten is too many, maybe I need it to be Two on Tuesday? This is probably my lamest list yet, and I am not even sick anymore! I need to commit to putting more time into my blogging if I am going to blog 30 times in one month!

10. If I make it through this month blogging every day, I think it will be the last time. It is already more of a struggle than I thought it would be.

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