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There is no way I can came up with 10 things to talk about today, so no 10 on Tuesday this week! Instead some photos of the progress I have made with refinishing the table. I was of course a bit too excited to get started on Sunday so I didn't take an offical before photo, but you can see it in this image to the left of the bed with the Tiffany lamp on it.

Formal Queen Anne dark wood stain, there was a matching bench not in this photo.

The top sanded and with the old holes where the arms for the mirror used to go (the arms were lost during our move to CA) filled with wood putty and sanded.

And the rest of the sanded pieces.

I went out last night and bought a gallon of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in semi-gloss to paint it with. I mixed a small amount of it with some of the white primer we already had (we have a giant five gallon bucket of primer that we have actually used half of!). I did that to tint it and hopefully make it a little easier to get to the final black color. I put one coat on tonight, it is drying right now.

It looks a little blue here, but that is just the white balance being off on the iphone.

Tomorrow it may get another coat of primer if needed, or I might go straight to the black, depends on it how it looks in the morning.

I went and hit up Hobby Lobby today for the first time (that place was huge!), mainly I was looking for fabric to recover the stool with. I found some. Now I just need to staple it on. It's a simple black and white, I couldn't find any other fabrics I really liked.

While I was there I bought some ModPodge to try in my attempt to reline the drawer (I had to rip out the lining to get to the screws to remove the handle and because it was dirty), and I bought something for the living room.

I just need to figure out how to hang it.

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Amy F.W. said...

Look at you, handy lady!


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