Holiday Decorations 2010

We have had our holiday decorations up for quite a while, but I have been lazy about taking good photos of them.

First up is our tree
the kitties won't let us put gifts under it, they like to lay under it too much, so instead we have a pile of gifts next too it.

The mantle
I think next year I need to buy some more, taller decorations for it. Of course I also need to actually hang the black metal sculpture on the wall.

The staircase
I know it is hard to see, but we have all the cards we have received pinned to the garland/ribbon going up the stairs.

On either side of the front door
we have a matching pair of these wreaths.

Hopefully next year we can have lights on a few more of the bushes, and I will put new batteries in the window candles so that you can see them. The blue in the dining room window is a reflection of a house across the street that has decided to go with all blue lights this year.


Katie said...

Love love love! Especially the banister!

Amanda said...

It looks great! I love your tree and how you have your cards displayed.


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