Lens Cap Pouch

One of the ideas I stumbled across on pinterest was a pin of a camera lens cap pouch, the original source was Crafty Staci. The instructions looked simple enough, I had fabric left over from my bench and I am always misplacing my lens caps (I even lost one in Kauai into the Pacific).

I modified the original plan a bit. I made it bigger since the lens cap for my 16-35L is 82mm. I also only used one fabric (I didn't feel like buying a yard just for this little bit). And more importantly I changed how the pouch is attached to the camera strap.

My finished pouch.

With my cap for my 50L in it.

The back, I didn't just make a spot to slip the strap through.

I made the pattern a bit longer and cut out two of them, then I made one big rectangle of them and sewed some more of the velcro on to it.

Then I wrap it around the strap and close the velcro. It's really secure.

On the strap the right way.

It also works on my rapid strap (which is what I am mainly using these days. I can't wait to really use it! I really hope this saves me from losing anymore caps!


Michelle said...

This is so great Michele! Perfect fabric too!

Heidi said...

That looks fantastic! I have a ton of scrap fabric laying around and now I can add this to my list of projects.

Sahara6971 said...

That is a great idea!

Jen said...

This is great Michelle!

Tripps said...

oooh...love this.

becky said...

are you taking orders?:)

LitosMena said...

What a great idea!! I should make one too! I always misplace the caps.

Faren said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

That is fabulous Michele!!! If I used a strap I'd totally make one of these. Trying to figure out how I can modify for how I shoot...hmm!!! Love the fabric too!!!


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