Sometimes life gets away from you and you get so wrapped up in the day to day you forget about doing other things. And other times, like now, you have big stuff going on that you don't really want to put out there publicly until they are settled. Two big things have been going on the past couple of weeks.

1) Michael has been away, Abu Dhabi again, but he is finally on a flight home right now! He will be home tonight! The kitties and I are very excited. One of the few fun things he got to squeeze in while he was away, between all the work, was a trip to the camel races. He sent me this little video:

2) I got a new job! I am leaving my current company and position next week, and I start a new job April 4th. For once we aren't moving! I am just going to be commuting about the same distance, just in the opposite direction. I am really excited about this opportunity.

Hopefully now that things are settling down, I will have a bit more time, I am so behind on stuff I wanted to blog about!


Amy F.W. said...

Haha, LOVE the camel video. SO happy he is coming home, and your new job is starting soon!

Christina said...

Congrats on your new job!


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