Small Changes

Even with all the rain this weekend (which lead to another soaking wet basement, that looks like it is just drying out now!) we managed to get a few small things checked off the house to do list this weekend.

One big thing, that we have been waiting weeks for, our new doors!
Love the color, of course it means we need to re-paint the rest of the green parts of the house that matched the old door.

New steel door for the basement, finally something more secure than the old door which had a big window in it.

In getting rid of the old front door, we also lost the mail slot. We didn't want to put a new one back in so we could keep it more air tight (especially without a storm door). So instead we put up a nice shiny mailbox

Finally months after I bought it, this hook went up in our main bathroom so our guests can have a place to hang their towels to dry.

If only the wet basement was as easy to fix.

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