Thailand Day 6: Bangkok

Our last real day in Thailand! We started by driving back to Bangkok, we stopped at a pricey jewelry showroom place. Mike and I bought a little hand painted vase, no giant rubies for us! Then we checked back into the same hotel, had lunch, went to the pool again, repacked and went over to the giant mall a couple of train stops away to look for souvenirs. All we got a was t-shirt for Mike. After that it was time for our last real meal in Thailand since our flight was leaving at 230 AM on Wednesday so we were getting picked up at 1130 pm at the hotel. We decided to try something different and took the train over to Cabbages and Condoms, no that is not a typo. I can't say that the food or the service was great but it was fun anyway.


Yes those are condom flowers.


Then the four of us said goodbye to our friend David from the tour who joined us for dinner and squeezed into one tuk-tuk for a ride over to the red light district near our hotel. We had to at least check it out right?


It was a lot like Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but with less bars and more strip clubs, and only one block. It was amazing how short this trip felt compared to our Egypt tour which was just a couple days longer.

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