Thailand Trip Summary

The last week of February we took a long planned vacation to Thailand.  It was an amazing trip, and I have a ton of blog posts coming up covering all the things we did.

We booked a tour with Gate 1, we booked the 9 Day Central Thailand with River Kwai tour.  It was a great tour, part of me wishes that we would have booked a longer trip, with the long expensive flight, and the painful jet-lag it would have been worth it to stay longer, but we only have so much vacation time.

We booked the tour with another couple, my friend Melissa and her husband Chris.  That was a great choice on so many levels.  First the two of them are awesome.  Second in a large tour group of 38 people it was nice to know that there were 2 people that we liked and had some things in common with.  Third it was great for me to vacation with another photographer, someone else who understands the drive to capture so many photos of a new place, and the drive to see those places in the first place!  The really cool part about that is that Melissa is such an amazing people and pet portrait photographer, and I am much more of a landscape, architecture, macro photographer we have between the two of us a hugely varied portfolio of Thailand images.

Why Thailand?  It just sounded like an amazing place to visit.  And you know I love temples and history, and Mike loves the food, he was in heaven.  And Melissa and Chris had it on their list of places to visit as well.

There are a lot more photos to come this week as I walk through our trip, but this is one of my favorites.



Melissa said...

We had such an amazing time and you guys are the best travel partners! I really hope it works out to travel together again sometime! <3

Glinda said...
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Glinda said...

I can't wait to see more!!


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