First Brownie Images

I finally picked up a scanner that will let me scan my 120 film coming out of my brownie.  Here are some shots from my first four rolls.

A roll of black and white that I shot over at Burnside Plantation just down the road, last June, blog post here



My next roll, I shot at Longwood in July, blogged part 1 and part 2.  This first image is probably my absolute favorite of all my brownie images so far, and this roll of slide film just cemented for me that color slide film is my favorite film. 



This is the restaurant, Ruby's Diner, that Amanda and I ususally go to for lunch after Longwood trips. 

Next up is the two rolls I shot when we were in NYC in September to shoot the Tribute in Light.  Blog posts here, here, here and here.






Given the conditions I shot these under I am beyond shocked that any of them turned out, let alone how sharp some of them are.  And now I am even more excited to shot more with the brownie, and get another better medium format camera!

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Kerry H. said...

I thought your NYC pictures were really nice, especially considering you probably "guesstimated" the exposure. Would you be able to add a caption to each photo indicating the type of film you used in the picture? I just purchased a six-16 Brownie Junior in like new condition for $2 at a thrift store. As for shutter speed, I tripped the shutter a few times and it looks to be about 1/30th of a second. I've got a roll of Adox CHS 50 in the frige that I'll put through mine, I shoot both 35mm and Med format with modern cameras. If you're looking for the look and feel of some of the older film emulsions that were put through these cameras you may want to check out the Adox CHS (25, 50, 100)line of films, they are the "old-school" cubic grain emulsions that were used until the 70's when modern tabular (T-grained) emulsions were introduced. If you can't find Adox at B&H, Freestyle Photographic Supply always has it in stock. Freestyle is my "go to" place for B&W film and developing supplies. Have fun with your camera(s) and good luck.


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