Instagram - October to December 2012

Ominous storm ahead. ( yes I was stopped in traffic)

Kitty convention in the office.

I think they love having the windows open as much as we do.

Stanley climbing on the massive pile of stuff we purged from the attic today.

"does the wide angle make my paws look larger?"

Yum!  #cadbury #scremeegg

He was hoping I would share my garlic bread with him.

Turned on the fireplace for the first time this fall!

Almost done with the upper railing. Other than caulk and touch up paint!

Hanging 2 out of 3 is a good start right?

Gibby wants to Fall Into the GAP. Or at least my box of returns.

Bethlehem trick or treat starts in a hour. This is my starting candy stash. Let's see what is left at 8.

Lost a tree out front. It barely missed the house! #squaready #sandy #treedown

Tree fell a couple houses down our block. Totally blocking the street.  There is a car under the top. #sandy #treedown

The other tree we lost. #damnbradfordpears #squaready #sandy #treedown

Gibs likes my new running vest.

stalking me for their dinner. They have no patience when I am home sick #squaready #latergram

His favorite spot in the house. Even without ornaments on it yet.

Our house on #LuminariaNight in #bethlehempa

The ornaments got put up on the tree today. See the kitty toasting on the radiator in the entry? #gibsonfender

Stanny not impressed that I am playing with the instagram update instead of feeding him. Is the updated version super slow for anyone else? #martinstanley

I am covered in glitter but look at the cool garland I made tonight with $30 of ornaments from #target

No fruit is safe in our house! Last time it was bananas. Now on to kiwis.

He loves that basket!  Hopefully by tonight I will have my new iPhone 5 => better pictures!

Gibson looks pretty good with the iPhone 5


My lap cat.

Finally gifts under the tree!

Bad kitties won't leave the tree/gifts alone.

Mike's parents tree.

My sisters cat George.

Mike's mom's Santa tree.  #squaready

Stanley in his chair.

Gibson has found a new spot. Under Gram's walker.

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