Ireland Day 5 - Backlit Sheep

On our drive out to Kylemore there were several spots with sheep wandering near the road. I made a bit of goal to get a good photo of one on our way back to Galway. There really weren't any spots to pull over (the road was very narrow), but luckily traffic was light. I told Mike I wanted to get a shot of some sheep and knowing my weird photography requests he was willing to play along. Finally I said "those ones!! pull over!" I wasn't concious of why until after I had leaned across him and fired off a couple of shots out the drivers side window with my 100L. Obviously it was the light that stopped me in my tracks.

That wrapped up our day. We went back to Galway, went out for some dinner and went to bed. The trip was almost over and I think our energy was running out fast.

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