Blurb Eighth Year

While catching up on these books I decided to change a bit about how I did them and include more images from other people and more writing. Looking back on the first book I did, which I don't have here on the blog because I just designed it in the blurb software I realized how much I liked seeing what TV shows we watched and descriptions of things we did. I have also been spending time talking to some friends about Project Life. I didn't want to quite followed that system, I like my 8x10 books and doing my pages more event based, I definitely took some inspiration from Project Life pages I have seen. I also tried to simplify my layouts, and the books overall (limiting myself to only one font per book) in an effort to make it easier to keep up with in real time. Starting with this book I also began mixing in iphone photos throughout the year. The quality is good enough now to make that easy.


kgiff said...

I envy you being caught up!!

I do find looking back on my books, that I don't regret any writing I've included and I've even tried to start including a few of my social media posts as well. A lot of times I wish I had included even more. At the time it seems silly, but as time goes on memories fade and you don't always remember the little details.

It looks great!

Michele said...

Kelly - I agree. I feel a bit like an idiot writing it. But it's amazing how much you forget in so short of a time. I am actively trying to include more journaling in my books and more pictures of everyday stuff.

Being caught up is great too. :) I just spent 30 minutes last night doing a page for last week. So fast! At least if I can stay caught up most of the time when I have to fall behind because we take a vacation it won't be so daunting to catch back up!


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