I ordered it last night!

The silver one. Sadly it won't get here for at least 3 weeks! GRR! I hate it when you spend that kind of money (about $350 with the accessories I wanted) and you have nothing to show for it for a while. Very frustrating.

My throat is killing me today. I can't bear the thought of swallowing anything right now, even water. I really don't want to be sitting here at work where people will expect me to talk. Maybe I will try to work from home tomorrow.

On another "happy" note I have to decide this week what I want to do about my apartment. As in renewing the lease for another year. I like my apartment. It has a ton of storage, so close to the train, not a bad train ride to work, the rent is only going up $5 a month, which is nothing. But I am so far from Michael.

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