Family Crisis

We are having a little family "crisis" right now. My parents are on their way down to Florida to my sister. They are going to pack her up and bring her home to stay with them. I hope they have a safe trip.

Other than that my weekend was decent. Mike came down. We pretty much just hung out. We went to Bennigan's in King of Prussia on Friday night for dinner. It was horrible! I won't be going back there. What a waste of money! Saturday we went to pick up my armband for my iPod (which still hasn't been shipped!). Mike's Dad was down in Chester county PA looking at an airplane, so we went out to lunch with him at the Bamboo Club in the King of Prussia mall. It was good. We were going to go to The Cheesecake Factory but the line was monsterous, even on a Saturday afternoon. Then we rented a really stupid movie and had subs from Wawa.

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