Parents Made It

My parents have made it safely to Florida! YEAH! I wasn't really worried that they wouldn't but it is an awfully long drive and I am happy they are there. Of course now they are going to have to just turn around and head back tomorrow. Or sooner if they can move up the Uhaul reservation.

I had a meeting outside the city this morning that I had to drive to and I had to clean SNOW off my car! I was not a happy camper. When is spring finally going to settle into southeastern PA?

I finished my latest library book just now, White Oleander, by Janet Fitch. It was good, though very disturbing. I am going to go to Blockbuster tonight and rent the movie of it. I always prefer to do it that way when I can, read the book then see the movie. If it is a real book, not one based on the movie.

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