I did run Monday!

Well I really did run Monday night, and either that or last night has made my legs sore today. Which is a great thing because they are not often sore. I didn't do 3 miles but I did do 2.5 and I did all the running at 5.5 mph which is really good for me, of course I had to break down to a walk much sooner than if I was jogging along at 5.2 mph. Anyway my new exercise plan is this:
Monday: Run hard.
Tuesday: Pilates (abs, legs, butt) and a little walking.
Wednesday: Jog slowly.
Thursday: Weights at work (total body), bike at work, Pilates (abs) at home.
Friday: Run hard.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: Pilates (I think I want to get a new DVD for Sundays).
Hopefully I will be able to stick with that and see some results. I have gotten rather "fat" and lazy lately and I don't like it.

My eating habits are coming along okay as well. Though I think I am not eating enough. I am feeling really hungry these days. Which I don't understand because this time last year I was eating about 200+ calories less a day, running more, getting less fiber and protein and I wasn't hungry. Maybe I was spacing out my meals better? I also often wonder what is a good weight for my height. Being 5'10" 150lbs really should not be unhealthy but I felt really fat and flabby at that weight, but maybe 130-135 is to little for me to be trying to get back down to? GRR!

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